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Introducing Bheppo Tattoo Butter, a specially crafted solution designed for the optimal healing of tattoos. This lightweight, non-greasy formula consists of all-natural ingredients carefully selected with the healing process in mind. Bheppo Butter plays a crucial role in supporting skin recovery by forming a delicate yet effective protective layer that naturally absorbs, ensuring continuous hydration during the tattoo healing phase.

Beyond its immediate healing benefits, our tattoo butter provides long-lasting pigment protection, contributing to the rejuvenation of your tattoo's appearance even after it has fully healed. The super-light and non-greasy nature of our butter eliminate the common concerns of an oily and sticky sensation often associated with other brands.

As a testament to its efficacy, Bheppo Tattoo Butter comes highly recommended by all our sponsored artists, featured on Instagram @bheppo_au and @bheppo. Ensure every client leaves with the added care of Bheppo, the trusted choice for a seamless and comfortable tattoo healing experience.

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