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Explore the excellence of our renowned product – Bheppo Professional Tattoo Glide, an essential companion for the tattooing process. Crafted to perfection, this glide serves a dual purpose, providing soothing relief to the skin and effectively minimizing inflammation and redness during tattoo sessions.

What sets our Tattoo Glide apart is its seamlessly smooth consistency, effortlessly melding into the skin. This not only aids the artist by preventing ink splash back but also ensures a smooth glide of the needle through the skin. The advanced formula of our glide guarantees it won't melt on your glove, and it won't clog your tube, offering a hassle-free and efficient tattooing experience.

Embrace a modern approach with Bheppo, as our Professional Tattoo Glide stands as a contemporary substitute for the conventional petroleum-based products traditionally utilized by artists. Elevate your tattooing process with a product designed for superior performance and ease of use.

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