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Introducing our renowned Tattoo Glide in the delightful Bubblegum flavor! Bheppo Professional Tattoo Glide is an essential companion throughout the tattooing process, offering unparalleled benefits. Specifically formulated to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation and redness, this Bubblegum-infused glide enhances the overall tattooing experience.

Boasting an exceptionally smooth consistency, the glide seamlessly melts into the skin, providing invaluable assistance to the artist. This not only aids in preventing ink splash back but also ensures a flawless needle glide through the skin. One of its standout features is its resistance to melting on your glove and its non-clogging properties, guaranteeing a mess-free and efficient tattooing session.

Bheppo's Tattoo Glide in Bubblegum flavor represents a modern-day substitute for the conventional petroleum-based products traditionally used by artists. Elevate your tattooing experience with this innovative and refreshing alternative, designed for superior performance and ease of use.

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